The School of LawShanghai Maritime University (SMU) was founded in 2008, formerly known as the Law Department in the College of TransportSMU. From the 1960s onwards, over half a century, never did the labelled feature of “shipping fade away from the undergraduate education. Education and research with regards to the maritime law and shipping law hold the leading position in China, and are fairly influential worldwide. Several professors are the main drafters of China’s shipping laws and regulations including  “The Maritime Code”, “The Port Law”, “The Regulations on International Ocean Shipping”, and several maritime judicial interpretations of the Supreme People's Court, who also provide decision-making consulting service for major shipping laws and policies for the Ministry of Transport of China, and the Shanghai International Shipping Center. The International Law (Maritime Law) of the Law School is a key discipline in Shanghai. The Institute of Maritime Law is a major research center for humanities and social sciences within the Shanghai higher education.

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